Dawaandi Wurra-Yaanyji Exhibition

We speak with Dorrigo Rainforest Centre exhibition  coordinator George Bradford about their very first and much anticipated Indigenous Exhibition

Tell us about the upcoming exhibition?
GB: We are very pleased to finally bring together our new exhibition DAWAANDI WURRA-YAANYJI (Walking around the Pictures) as it was due to kick off just as Covid hit.  We have now rescheduled our exhibition of Aboriginal and Australian art showcasing the work of eight local artists. The Exhibition will be showing at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre from 15 December to February 1st 2021.

What can local art lovers expect to find?
GB: One of the aims of the Dorrigo RFC Exhibition space is to engage with and support the local artisan community. With the re-booted exhibition space being so well received by the local community and park visitors we thought it was time to reach out to the local community and provide an opportunity to showcase Aboriginal artists.   

Will the gallery be open throughout Christmas?
GB: Absolutely, it’s the summer holidays and the Dorrigo Plateau is the place to escape the coastal heat. The Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and Exhibition will be open every day from 9am to 4.30pm (except Christmas Day).

About the artists

Kyleigh is a 20 year old Djirrbal women who was born in Logan City, Brisbane. At age 6, Kyleigh moved to Nambucca Head where she grew up. A self-taught artist, Kyleigh recently started creating works full-time. Kyleigh works mostly on large stretched canvas with acrylic and is inspired by the close connection her family has with art and her culture. Living so far away, she never got to learn and experience her language and culture as much as she wanted to, so through her artwork she feels more connection.

Lilly Clegg is a Gumbaynggirr woman from Girrin-da (Corindi beach) who has been practicing art her whole life. Growing up watching her Miimi paint, Lilly  developed a passion for creating vibrant art. A strong connection to her land and culture inspires this artist to create from experiences and dreams.

Raelene Mirindo is a proud  aboriginal woman born in Mona Vale, Northern Sydney. Her connection is to the Kamilaroi people through her mother who was from Bourke. Raelene’s artwork is mainly sea themed and is inspired by her love of growing up next to the beach. After moving to SA, Raelene met with Pitjantjatjara  elders where she discovered dot painting, a style she quickly fell in love with. Soon after Raelene moved to the Kimberley region of Australia where she lived remotely for 10 years. This time away saw her talent really come to life.

Where | Dorrigo rainforest centre exhibition space
When | Now until 1 feb

Artwork by Karleigh