Digging in the Crates

By Pete Papandrea

COLDCUT: Cold Krush Cuts

While I am not immune to the advantages and musical discoveries to be had on Spotify, I still find myself hitting up new and old classic mixes from my favourite selectors as the preferred method of listening when you can’t always flip a record side every 20 minutes, I mean why have an algorithm pick your music when Mr Scruff or Giles Peterson can do it for you? What the digital movement has done though is put heaps of these mixes up on sites like soundcloud and mixcloud, they are all out there for free and you don’t have to spend the big bucks and keep your cassette player working to enjoy them, so here are a few not to miss: Coldcut have recently put there classic ‘Cold Krush Cuts’ double sided mix with DJ Krush online, you can literally hear a generation of teenagers slipping on baggy army pants, hoodies and sparking up whilst listening to this. DJ Melo-D’s ‘Vol 3’ is hip hop perfection, mind-bending scratching, tastefully juggling and a great selection of boom bap.

The Bay area’s Dj Spair and Bcause’s ‘Musical Mixcheif’ offering is so dense it takes a few listens just to clock all the Star Wars and library record samples. Dj Shame’s ‘Travelling through Sampleland’ series has also gone up on Mixcloud and is so deep that more than one producer has complained about all their secret weapons being revealed on these mixes. Other peeps to watch out for are Mr Thing (who has a pretty big library of mixes full of rarities), Chris Duckenfields ‘All Ears Radio’ series that goes pretty leftfield in selection, digging up oddball rock, soul and weird 80’s post disco dance jams. But the last mention should go to the aforementioned Mr Scruff who has literally posted 100’s of his infamous 5 plus hour live sets that defy categorisation, but have no trouble keeping your attention and your ass moving. Till next time, keep digging…

Serious Vinyl collector & production manager of just about every music festival under the Australian sun. Pete is good, be like Pete.