Do Try This At Home

By Pete Bufo

Horticulturist and co-founder of the Northbank Community Gardens in Bellingen, Pete is also a dab hand in the kitchen

Rice, Salad & Tofu with a Lemon Miso Dressing
Our tiny corner of the world is rife with fresh produce of many types. Try this simple meal utilising fresh greens with a filling base and refreshing salad. You can utilise any salad items to your own taste.


4 teaspoons miso
Juice of 1 lemon
Grated fresh ginger and turmeric to taste, but don’t hold back!
Dash of sesame oil
Big dash of olive oil.

The Dish:
Cooked rice, according to packet.
Tofu, cubed and fried.
Salad items of your choice:
I used Red Mizuna, Rocket, Snow Peas, Bitter Lettuce and Spring Onion from my garden plus some local Coriander Leaves.

Make the dressing first and put aside.
Put your rice on, I used a long grain rice called red rice, but any long grain is perfect.
Get your fresh greens organised, some smaller leaf things won’t need cutting. I cut my snow peas into chunks and roughly chop my spring onions.
Cube the tofu and fry in a little oil until just crisp but not burnt.

To serve, be artistic.

Add rice to the plate, surround with the fresh produce, add tofu to the top, garnish with coriander leaves and spring onions. Chilli works beautifully on this, but the way. Add dressing to everything, but don’t drown it.

Don’t tell the kids it’s completely vegan!