From Buenos Aires to Bello

Local composer Pablo Blitzer talks about his new album and the trials of intercontinental music rehearsals

You have a new album coming out, can you tell us a bit about it? PB: In December 2018 I was flying into Buenos Aires with one goal in my mind, to record an album. The idea was simple, perhaps too simple… I should have put more thought into it really. I’d arrive on Wednesday, we would rehearse on Thursday, we had gigs over the weekend and then finally on Monday we would head into the studio, what could go wrong? Well… the guys had never played these songs, as a matter of fact neither had I. I had just written most of them and to make things worst, I’d never met the trumpet player or the piano player. I just sent everyone their parts and hoped for the best.To my surprise though, it went great. The energy at the studio was electrifying. I love that the album was recorded with all of us playing in a room, no multitracking, no bullshit. How many people can say that these days? We created music together as if we had been friends for years. The album is called Free Fall and will be something I like to call an ‘ongoing album’, with one track coming out each month, much like episodes of a tv show. So I highly recommend people follow me on social media so they don´t miss out. I truly believe it´s my best work so far and I´m excited to share it with everyone.

Any guest appearances you can tell us about? PB: The album was recorded in Argentina, so local musicians were out of reach, but I got some monsters shredding over the album: Joaquin Muro on trumpet, Joni Strugo on drums, Santiago Zarate on bass and the 19 year old Tobias Bruckman on piano deserve a worthy mention.

How are gigs looking for you at the moment? PB: Unfortunately for our industry, I feel things are far from normal. That being said I´ll be performing at Surf St Cafe on the 4th of July and probably on a monthly basis after that. I´ll also be doing an album launch later down the track so stay tuned for that. Bands like Dose Guys and Lttle Kng will be making a strong come back later this year as soon as the conditions allow it. Looking forward to seeing everyone at a gig soon, don´t forget to say hi!