Gimme Gimme New Music

This month Bellbottom chats with local Bellingen duo Gimme Gimme. Siblings Esther and Will Henderson talk about their new single and upcoming EP release

Your new single ‘The Feed’ came out last month, tell us about the song?
EH: The Feed is a nostalgic, sassy exploration of our relationship with social media, a tongue-in-cheek jibe at ourselves and our generation for being sucked into zombieland on our phones, thinking about how we look and taking selfies. We wrote it to remind ourselves to get off our phones, jump on the trampoline, go for a bike ride, look at the stars, give our partner a smooch etc.

Previously known as Bitch Please! You now go by Gimme Gimme, why the name change?
WH: We started to release to big international radio stations and blogs but there was a fair bit of backlash from the name, also Essy mentioned she wanted to show the kids she was teaching what we have been cooking up but couldn’t so in the end we thought it best to cut our losses and start without our self imposed handicap.

COVID-19 has cost you 30 festival performances in Europe. How are you holding up and will you be performing locally soon?
EH: Unfortunately no shows for Gimme Gimme for the next little while, but Will has some local shows starting up around the Mid North Coast and some tentative festival bookings in Europe next year. Fingers crossed these go ahead! In the meantime we’ll continue to skype on Thursday evenings with our manager in London, Karl, and plan our next few releases over curry and wine and Karl’s performances of Stairway To Heaven on guitar.

Are there any plans for an album release? What’s next for Gimme Gimme?
WH: Release wise ‘The Feed’ is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re going to release three more singles and clips throughout August and September before releasing our EP Taylor St in October. August we will be dropping the biggest banger of the bunch ‘Fight Dirty’ featuring  Van Hunt, one of our favourite songwriters ever from Ohio, and we have already filmed most of the video clip for it down at Raleigh hall! The game plan was to head on back to Berlin this October to record the second EP but we will have to see how the world is fairing later in the year.