Music Reviews

By Kye Ruigrok

With live gigs being shut down left, right and centre, it’s time to discover new music the old fashion way and check out some new releases…

Caiti Baker
Carry You
Like a lot of people I discovered Caiti Baker at the 2018 Bello Winter Music Festival. Formally of duo Sietta, the NT based artist is back with her latest single ‘Carry You’. With soulful vocal skills and stripped back production we sees Caiti Baker at her finest. A simple track of positivity and emotion until ‘Carry You’ builds toward a final moment of grand proportions with harmonised vocals that really pulls at the heart strings.

Michael Franti & Spearhead
I Got You
This month marks the release of Michael Franti & Spearheads new record ‘Work Hard and Be Nice’ so I’ve decided to have a deeper look at lead single ‘I Got You’. Considering they have been releasing music going on three decades you would expect to see some evolution in their sound over the years. Starting off as a politically driven act in the early 90’s the group have developed into a happy vibe machine writing feel good anthems, a formula they seem content to stick with. If you were a fan of their gritty beginnings this song may not be your cup of tea, but if want to put a smile on your face, press play on your sound system and turn it up.

L Fresh The Lion
Mother Tongue
‘Mother Tongue’ is the latest offering from L Fresh which tells a story of regret in losing his native language. like a lot of L Fresh’s music the track is personal and raw and some will argue this song has a  similarities to Mo’Ju’s ‘Native Tongue’ which tells a very parallel story. With the current state of the world at the moment it will be
interesting to see if this is the next step for the Sydney native in
bringing him into the mainstream.