Single Reviews

By Kye Ruigrok

With live gigs still a scarce commodity,  there’s never been a better time to discover new music the old fashion way and check out some new releases…

Snez – Winter Song
Creating a scene of seasonal comfort is no easy task in songs but local artist Snez does this with perfection with her latest single Winter Song. A seemingly simple folk song, Winter Song has a sense of depth to the lyrics that meld imagery with metaphor. With the striped back guitar and calming vocals this song (taken from her latest album ‘Fisher on the Sea’) could be easily listened to while waking up or sitting by the open fire.

Emily Wurramara – Cruisin
Known for bringing tradition language and stories into her music, Warnindhilyagwa woman Emily Wurramara has grown so much as a songwriter over the past few years. With her latest standalone single ‘Cruisin’ we see a departure from this. An uncomplicated song about the simple pleasures of day to day life, but in the same breath knowing the word Cruisin is a universal term for ‘going somewhere’. I’m sure this track will resonate with the general public having such a universal appeal.

Scabz – Just At The Pub (gossin’ with the gals)
Blasting out with an Aussie twang in the vocals and lyrical content which features references to mates getting you cheap drinks, what else would you want from Sydney act Scabz. If you haven’t heard of the Newtown act before that’s ok, but I’m sure you will enjoy this tune. It’s basic; it’s relatable and best of all it’s fun. It’s one of those party tracks that Aussie punks do so well, where you hear it for the first time and think to yourself, ‘yeah I could see myself having a drink to that’