Single Reviews

By Kye Ruigrok

With live gigs being shut down left, right and centre, it’s time to discover new music the old fashion way and check out some new releases…

Titan Sky
Acorns (What to Do When The Sky is Falling)
I always get excited when a local artist releases a well-produced track, and that’s no different with Bello resident Tony Rowley AKA Titan Sky. His new track sees him pulling back compared to his previous work. Covering the topic of mental health and developing a slow build throughout the track with the payoff being Tony’s soulful vocals while he belts out the chorus. Once live music kicks off again, this is sure a song to get local venues swinging.

Megan Washington
Kiss me like we’re gonna die
If you guessed by the title of Washington’s new single that it’s a song about love, you’d be right. This latest offering from the Aria award winning artist sees her slip into a lounge singer persona of sorts, think artists like Norah Jones or Dusty Springfield. With a pinch of morbid thrown in, it’s a sweet and charming tune. Washington has jumped from quirky pop tunes to gut wrenching slow burners through her career and ‘Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die’ is definitely the latter.

Something For Kate
Waste Our Breath
It’s been 8 years since we’ve heard anything from the seminal Aussie rock band Something for Kate. Well 2020 will mark the year. ‘Waste Our Breath’ marks the second single off their forthcoming 7th record. SFK has never left me craving for more, maybe it’s because I stuck to the singles or maybe it’s because I never had a chance to see their impressive live shows, either way I don’t think it will go down as one of their best singles but still a solid effort for a band that has been pleasing music fans for over 20 years.