The Sky is Falling

Bellingen musician, Titan Sky drops his latest single along with a music video shot by local photographer Gethin Coles

You’re back with a new single, tell us about it?
TR: I started writing this song about 5 years ago when I first moved to Australia from NZ. I was sleeping on my friend’s mum’s couch, there was a crazy storm outside, and I couldn’t sleep. So on my phone I wrote the title ‘What to Do When the Sky Is Falling’, borrowed from the famous Children’s book Chicken Little. I proceeded to write a kind of list poem, of things that help you prepare for a storm, as a metaphor for managing mental wellbeing. Years later, I was driving home from work, and the whole melody and chords kind of crept up on me, and as soon as I got home picked up my guitar and finished the song.

The film clip was made by local photographer (and Bellbottom centrefold) Gethin Coles. How did this come about?
TR: My wonderful fiancée is my biggest support. She put me in touch with Gethin and he chose to work on Acorns as the song resonated with him. Gethin is an absolute master at what he does, and I’m so lucky to have worked with him.

Are you looking forward to some live performances soon or is that still up in the air for you?
TR: At this stage, I’m seeing the lack of performance venues as an opportunity to focus more on recording and releasing new music. However when venues are more available, I’ve got some bigger band shows planned. I’m definitely itching to play live! But stay tuned, Acorns is just the first of a bunch of new music coming your way, and I can’t wait to share what comes next!

The new music video for Acorns (What to Do When the Sky Is Falling), is available for streaming on YouTube. The single is available on Spotify, Apple Music & most other streaming services. Check out the film clip here:

Image: Gethin Coles