What’s Next?

Nextwave is riding the tide and taking their youth film development program online and Australia-wide.

After five years, 200 new films and 5000 regional students Screenwave International Film Festival’s flagship youth development program is doing what the arts sector does best – innovating.

“As we experience what is the most significant historical event in most peoples’ lives, we saw a real need to equip young regional people with the tools to tell their stories through film, to capture their unique experiences,” says SWIFF Co-Director Kate Howat.

Nextwave’s redesigned workshop program is an interactive, online learning experience for regional, rural, and remote students around Australia, supported by teachers and home-schooling parents.

Howat says the aim of the program is to capture and promote regional youth stories through filmmaking, teaching young people valuable  communication skills for the future.

“Take one look at your social media feed and it’s easy to see that film is emerging as the communication tool of the future,” she points out.

“Almost every young person already has access to the technology in their smart phone or DSLR, we just show them how to use it to help better tell their story,”

The program has been designed in consultation with filmmakers working across the Australian film industry and includes a workshop series on how to write, shoot and edit short films, the full back catalogue of Nextwave short film finalists and entry into the 2021 awards in January.

Budding filmmakers aged 10 – 25 living in regional areas are invited to enter the annual competition from the 1st of May, with the extra challenge of  creatively including the phrase “What’s next?” in their work. What is next indeed!

More info: https://nextwavefilmfest.com.au/