Rabbits Eat Lettuce

30 Mar – 2 Apr

Seery Rd, Kippenduff NSW 2469

Rabbits Eat Lettuce began in 2008 as a tribal Easter party on the mid-north-coast of NSW and has become an underground tradition in the area, long lost brothers and sisters reconnect to dance, share stories, socialize and camp out under the stars. The event has grown a lot since it’s humble beginnings as a forest party but still holds the same essence of freedom and unique mystery it started with.

Our magical festival village will be held in a beautiful green private valley surrounded by Sandstone cliffs. The event takes place over 4 days and has a number of stages showcasing a variety of dance music. Everything from deep and serious to fresh and funky. Entertainment runs 24 hours. The festival venue is surrounded by mountains, which help to contain the sonic frequencies so the party can keep pumping through to sunrise. Regardless of your sleeping patterns, you will find a party.
Aside from our fully themed forest dance stages we will also have a chill zone, which will host a variety of workshops and activities throughout each day. Activities include; Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation, Dance Classes, Massage, Music Production, Finger Painting, Easter Olympics, Permaculture, Informative Drug Discussions and Healing. At night the chill zone will transform into a psychedelic slumber party with movies, chill music, acoustic artists, beanbags & chai tea. There will be a wide variety of delicious & nutritious food and beverages sold in the vibrant market village.